Eltronic Group hires Director of Sustainability

Eltronic Group is focusing attention on sustainability as a main pillar of the future strategy. To support this, Jesper Terp Christensen is appointed as Director of Sustainability. The company is increasing its focus on sustainability in the industry to get ahead of the game and meet the growing demands from clients.

Jesper Terp Christensen is appointed Director of Sustainability at Eltronic Group, effective 1 June 2021. He has a technical background and extensive experience with sustainability from several industries. Jesper joins from the wholesale company Lemvigh-Müller A/S, where he was CSR and Environmental Responsible.

In recent years, Eltronic Group has been placing the emphasis on the field of sustainability and circular economy. The group now wishes to strengthen its position as a global player with a sustainable profile.

“In the future, we will be focusing on raising the level of sustainability in our clients’ manufacturing processes in order to gain competitive advantages. Jesper will be operating in our core business and creating the framework for our companies to execute within – both on a strategical and operational level,” says Eltronic Group CEO Lars Jensen.

Jesper Terp Christensen is looking forward to developing and executing a strong sustainability strategy with the clients’ green transition in focus.

“Eltronic Group has really put sustainability on the agenda. From my point of view, Eltronic Group is an organization that has thought twice, taken responsibility, and seen the opportunities in approaching the ESG aspects proactively. Many companies that are working with sustainability and responsibility are highlighting what they do and how they affect the environment. But by focusing attention on how the company is affecting the entire value chain, it is possible to make a huge difference. You have to look backward and create better products and solutions in collaboration with the suppliers. In addition to this, you have to look forward and, in collaboration with the clients, create solutions that will help them,” says Jesper Terp Christensen about the future direction at Eltronic Group.

Jesper Terp Christensen, Director of Sustainability