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We invest in and scale industrial SMEs

Over the last two decades Eltronic Group has invested in multiple companies supporting their ambition of realizing their business potential

We create best-in-class sustainable performers

When we partner with companies, we implement the Eltronic Business Platform to enable and support the transformation of the company into a high performer and sustainble actor in the industry.

We believe that innovative technological solutions are created by entrepreneurs in close collaboration with their customers. That’s why entrepreneurs need to focus on just that. We see our role as providing the foundation for sustainable business operations so the entrepreneurs can focus on technological innovations.

The right people with the right skills sets and working conditions can apply and solve any number of engineering challenges. Solving macro challenges takes time. That’s why we invest with a long-term perspective. We’re not in this for short-term gains. We look to invest in companies with true potential that can deliver a more sustainable future through innovative technology and solid business principles.

Reasoning for Investments

Industry dynamics and customer needs change over time. Transforming a business’ activities to meet these changes in demand are risky. We know – we have tried it ourselves.

In some industries these changes can require a company to undergo a transformation of increased degree of industrialization and globalization to meet the changing demands in the market. Transforming a regional project firm to a global product-based company is a very risky journey. It radically changes the requirements to your operations, processes, documentation, reporting, and tools necessary to support these activities. In addition, it demands new competencies, company culture, and requires a lot of capital. All these aspects create a very risky journey.

In Eltronic Group we know the journey. We have taken multiple companies through this transformation and made several costly mistakes along the way. However, we have succeeded in most key areas and we continue our work to improve our platform and strenghten our abilities even further. The Eltronic Business Platform is based on practical experience and our work with our portfolio companies will continiously improve our platform.

The Eltronic Business Platform seeks to create best-in-class sustainable performers and support their transformation within industrialization and globalization.


Our Investment Focus and Criteria

Our investment focus is on companies operating in three areas – Green Footprint, Green Handprint, and Digitalization & Automation.

The Green Footprint area encompasses companies working to accelerate the renewable energy footprint in the world.

The Green Handprint area encompasses companies working to reduce the handprint/emissions of economy-critical industries such as energy production and transportation.

The Digitalization & Automation area includes industries such as manufacturing and infrastructure.

Our investment criteria are SMEs with 20-150 million DKK in annual turnover with headquarters in Northern Europe.

In addition to the objectives with independent acquisitions mentioned above, we also advance our current companies with strategic acquisitions related to growth and expansion within products and/or market development.

The Eltronic Business Platform

We help realize the true potential of industrial SMEs by offering a platform of services that can transform, elevate and scale company operations, ultimately aimed at bringing products to market in a global context.

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