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A Holistic Approach to Responsibility

We are dedicated to environmental and social responsibility and a sustainable approach to the way our companies are operated, organized, and managed.

Environmental Sustainability

For us, environmental sustainability means that the activities we participate in must have as little impact upon the environment as possible. This applies to our products, services and solutions, as well as both ours and our subcontractors’ production methods. We always think sustainably and prioritize this both internally and externally in relation to engendering greater efficiency through digitalization and automation of processes. We also consider the circular economy within our own and our customers’ development projects as standard practice.

Within Environmental Sustainability we focus our work on:

  • Digitalization, Automation & Optimization
  • Emission, Production & Transport
  • Design & Reutilization


Social Sustainability

Taking social responsibility means we focus on the people who are part of our business. We strive to create a working environment where the focus is on well-being, safety, personal and career development and diversity. We actively seek to develop our people by offering regular feedback and appraisal of their work as well as training courses to broaden their skills base. We also look to the community around us and devise ways in which we can support local organizations and people.

Within Social Sustainability we focus our work on:

  • Internal & External Responsibility

Sustainable Governance

At Eltronic Group, we want to base our business on sustainable management. For us, this means that we have clear and well-defined procedures for how we work and that we follow recognized standards. We want to manage our business efficiently, carefully and with respect of what is happening in the world around us. All our companies in the group work actively with gender equality, flexibility in relation to work and private life, freedom of association for employees, diversity, tolerance, decency and appropriate consideration.

Within Sustainable Governance we focus our work on:

  • Sustainable processes and management
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Sustainability Strategy