/ Vision, Mission & Values

What We Believe In

We are guided by a vision of a sustainable future rooted in solid business principles and values. We believe in tangible solutions that engineer impact for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our Mission

To Realize Industrial SMEs Business Potential

We support industrial SMEs working towards a sustainable future and our mission is to realize the business potential of their technological innovations. We seek to bring our companies to the next level of industrialization through innovation and profitable growth.

When we partner with a company we do so because we believe in their proven technology and potential. Our mission is therefore to realize their potential by implementing the Eltronic Business Platform, which has been refined over years based on our own practical experience of creating best-in-class sustainable performers.

Our Vision

To support industrial SMEs becoming best-in-class sustainable performers

We support industrial SMEs with proven solutions that help work towards a sustainable future. Our vision is to ensure the impact of their technological innovation by becoming best-in-class sustainable performers. With their ideas and our proven sustainable business platform we can take unique innovations beyond regional markets and scale them globally where true impact can be made.

Our dream is to partner with industrial SMEs with proven technology and support them in becoming the most competitve, profitable, and sustainable company in their industry, globally.


Our Values

Get to Know the Values at the Heart of Eltronic Group


We take responsibility for conducting business with integrity

We Do Not let the customer down and conduct our business with integrity. We belive that together, we will achieve the best possible result. Fair play, ethics and loyalty have top priority between us, our partner companies and the customers they serve. We believe in our partners.


We enable top quality to compete on a global scale.

We enable top quality to compete in our industry. We use our experience to help our partner companies take projects from initial ideas to high quality results. This is enabled through highly documented, transparent, and traceable processes.


We persist until we achieve.

We show persistence when we work with our partner companies. We know that this is a vital trait to ensure the success of our partnerships. A job is only finished when it is tested, documented and delivered.


We believe in the power of innovative ideas.

We believe in the power of innovation. Eltronic Group encourages the spirit of innovation in all of our partner companies. It is this innovation and thinking differently that affects change in the engineering industry and the world at large.


Building strong, mutually beneficial alliances is the key to success.

We aim to build up close alliances with our partner companies and enable them to build strong bonds with their customers. Only through learning processes and partner relationships can the optimal solution be obtained.

Management Team

Our management team is made up of experts from the worlds of tech, engineering and business. All with years of practical experience in developing innovative ideas and taking them to market profitably.

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