We invest in industrial SMEs with potential of becoming best-in-class

Our aim is to secure a future where proven technology makes an impact. Delivering a more sustainable world that makes better use of our limited resources.

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Eltronic Group

We create best-in-class sustainable performers

We partner with companies and implements The Eltronic Business Platform – a platform to enable and support the transformation from a regional company to a best-in-class player in the industry. We have scaled multiple companies with this platform and our mission is to realize the potential of other industrials SMEs.

Our companies work in a range of sectors. All dedicated to a sustainable future  

  • Renewable energy
  • Efficient Production systems
  • Maritime system integration
  • Infrastructure

We unlock the global potential of innovative technology through partnership and proven engineering

Vision, Mission & Values

We are guided by a vision of a more sustainable future rooted in solid business principles and values.

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