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A holistic approach to sustainable development

Accelerating the green transition is crucial to prioritize facing our planetary challenge and get on the track for a 1.5 Degrees Celsius pathway. It requires ambition, action, and accountability. At Eltronic Group, we take this responsibility seriously.

CEO statement

We share a great responsibility

President and CEO, Lars Jensen, explains Eltronic Group’s approach to sustainable development. Tap to watch the video.


Sustainability report

In the Eltronic Group Sustainability Report 2022/2023, we share our latest progress, challenges, and learnings to become more sustainable.

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Our approach

On our way

It is clear to us that it is crucial to prioritize to accelerate the green transition. In Eltronic Group, we have made sustainable development our core business strategy. Our purpose is to be at the forefront of industrial innovation and to deploy our know-how to accelerate the green transition. But we also need to look inwards. Therefore, we are constantly improving our approach to sustainable development and finding better ways to do things.

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