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We deploy our know-how to accelerate the green energy transition and other areas that benefit society

Green energy transition

Renewable energy

We need an extensive build-out of renewable energy and battery storage to transform the energy systems towards carbon neutrality.

Core technologies within renewable energy include wind, solar, hydro, thermal, nuclear, and batteries. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), all technologies are necessary to decarbonize the world. We are committed to use digitalization and automation to reduce the green premium of renewable energy technologies.

Green energy transition


Heavy transport and industry cannot use direct electrification to decarbonize. Therefore, we need to scale the use of renewable energy as input source to produce green hydrogen, ammonia and methanol which is how these sectors can decarbonize.

Core technologies within Power-to-X include electrolyzers and syntheses which are central technologies in converting power TO x. Renewable energy is used to power the electrolysis of water and split it so that green hydrogen is produced. Synthesis is then used to mix the hydrogen with either nitrogen or CO2 to produce green ammonia or green methanol, respectively.

Green energy transition


In heavy transport, the carbon neutral fuel needs to be converted from ‘x’ to power to deliver the power required to fuel the e.g., maritime or aviation industries which we all depend on.

Core technologies within X-to-Power include reciprocating engines, fuel cells and turbines; technologies that converts the x to power. In these applications, the fuel must be delivered safely and consistently to the energy producing units.

Other areas that benefit society

Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainable industrial manufacturing through automation and digitalization across sectors will improve the economy and environmental footprint to the benefit its citizens.

This is true for all manufacturing companies and there is a strong focus on leveraging these capabilities to improve competitiveness. Using manufacturing IT and automated production lines, machinery and equipment, companies can improve time-to-market, product quality, efficiency, and environmental footprint.

Other areas that benefit society

Life Sciences

We need to get life savings medicine faster to market and into the hands of those who need it

Using digitalization and automation in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, life sciences, and medico product, results in faster time-to-market and a higher product quality to the benefit of the patient. We are committed to working with customers and partners to improve conditions for patients.

Other areas that benefit society


Good infrastructure is a key element in having a productive economy to the benefit of its citizens.

As such, a continuous build-out of new infrastructure as well as maintenance of existing infrastructure across the world is central to empowering the citizens of the economy. Industry leaders are leveraging digitalization and automation the extend the life of existing transportation infrastructure

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