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Eltronic Group whistleblower portal

Below you will find information on how to report any concerns on irregularities or violations of rules committed by the Eltronic Group companies.


Eltronic Group’s whistleblower portal gives you, as an employee or external stakeholder, a confidential tool to express any concerns on irregularities or violations of rules committed by one of the Group’s companies or directly by Eltronic Group – including its employees, management, or its management board.

The scheme is covered by the Group’s policy.

You have the option to be completely anonymous, but if you choose to omit contact information, you will not be able to receive confirmation that we have received your report or any following Feedback on how the case has been handled. In certain cases, additional information may be needed from you to ensure case handling, by providing your contact information, you consent to us contacting you for this purpose.

You have the choice of reporting your concern verbally or in writing and you have the choice of both the Group’s internal systems or to use the portal set up by the Danish Data Protection Agency – this will be accessible at the Danish Data Protection Agency from 17 December 2021.

Written report:

  • Follow the link and report here.

Oral report:

  • Contact Attorney at Law Nicholas Liebach, Blue Equity Management A/S: +45 40 15 46 88


What can be reported

Serious concerns can be reported such as e.g.

  • Criminal offenses

Including e.g., Corrupt behavior, fraudulent behavior and forgery.

  • Serious or repeated violations of other legislation

Including Environmental Violations, GDPR guidelines, etc.

  • Serious person-related conflicts in the workplace

Sexual harassment / sexual abuse, as well as bullying.

  • Violation of professional standards that are in the public interest – e.g. if a breach could endanger public safety

What cannot be reported

Personnel matters, such as conflicts between colleagues, violation of guidelines for alcohol and drugs, dissatisfaction with pay, etc. – these matters will have to be reported to the direct management or the relevant HR function in the company in question.

Case handling process

Once the concern has been submitted, it is initially assessed by Blue Equity, here a decision is made as to whether the case is covered by the scope for Whistleblowing or not. If yes, it is then assessed whether it should be handled by either the Group’s Board of Directors or the Group’s Whistleblower Committee.