Code of conduct

As a trustworthy and responsible business partner Eltronic Group A/S and its companies focuses on ethical, social and
environmental issues. We encourage and expect our employees to comply with and respect our
pronounced values, which are listed below.



Eltronic employees take responsibility based on a high level of ambitions where fair play, ethics
and loyalty are our top priorities. We deliver a technical and personal experience that surpasses
our customer’s expectations.

Through controlled processes, Eltronic brings projects from idea to result. We do so at a highly
structured and well-documented level, which ensures transparency, traceability and dependability.
We do not allow errors in integrated processes.

Eltronic employees must display perseverance. A job is not done till it has been tested,
documented and delivered to the customer, regardless of whether it is a development job or a
service job.

Through continuous human and technological development, we want to work with an innovative
mindset. Everyone has a duty to relate to processes that can be improved. Knowledge sharing is a
source of inspiration for daily motivation.

We build up strategic alliances with our customers and suppliers as the best solutions are often
reached through learning processes and mutual sparring.



Business ethics
We do not give nor receive invitations, gifts and similar of a size or nature that may leave the
customer, supplier, business partner or ourselves with an inappropriate impression of the purpose.
We do not, for example, give or receive gifts with a higher value than what is generally accepted in
Denmark. The generally accepted levels equals items such as chocolate or wine for Christmas.
We do not tolerate corruption in Eltronic or with our business partners. Employees, who are
involved in bribery or any other form of corruption, may be prosecuted and held personally
responsible. Decisions must not be influenced by personal interests such as own financial
interests, family relations, friendships or similar, which are not relevant for the company.
All employees must display a high level of caution and if in doubt, the employee must contact
his/her immediate superior for further advice.

Working conditions and rights
We abide by internationally adopted conventions for humanitarian rights and dissociate ourselves
from forced labour and child labour of any kind. We encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to
abide by the same conventions. Eltronic respects internationally recognized human rights and does
not participate in violation of human rights. We do not tolerate any form of child labour or forced or
penalizing work. If we, in Eltronic, become familiar with violation of human rights, we shall address
the issue immediately and analyse the cause. We shall revise our process, if needed, to avoid
future violations. All our employees have freedom of association.

Discrimination and equal rights
We do not tolerate discrimination and abuse based on gender, nationality, race, skin colour,
culture, religion, disabilities, age, sexual orientation etc. in connection with employment, education
opportunities, promotion, dismissal or business activities.
It is important that our employees treat each other with dignity and respect and remain good
representatives of the company. An employee, who discovers that another employee is violating,
harassing or discriminating a co-worker or an external relation, has the duty to act upon it. If it is
within the authority of the employee, he/she must address the issue himself/herself. If not, he/she
must report to his/her immediate superior who will then address the issue. Managers and leaders
must be role models and work actively with diversity and equal status. For example, this means
that they have to prevent and address violation, harassment and other negative behaviour.

Working environment and safety
Safety in relation to customers, employees and our solutions in general is a very important focus
area. We always have a focused and dedicated approach to the working environment and safety
at our own locations and when we work at customer locations.
Among other things, we have a well-functioning and active working environment organization,
which ensures compliance with laws and legislative requirements.
Our suppliers are met with the same requirement to ensure a safe and healthy working
environment for all employees. In addition, our internal processes ensure that we live up to
international, national, local and project-oriented standards in relation to working environment and
safety in our technical solutions for our customers.

The environment
We continuously strive to improve our own behaviour in our immediate surroundings, but we also
focus on environmental impact in a global context by actively using non-harmful and energy
effective materials.
We expect our business partners and suppliers to focus on the same values and to work actively
with recycling of materials and energy.

We strive towards having our suppliers comply with our requirements and for us cooperation and
commitment are key words in this connection. Only if we commit, we can have an impact on a
positive development. If a supplier makes a mistake, we shall as a point of departure remain loyal
but ensure that we see improvements. As such, we are not able to guarantee that there is no room
for improvement among our suppliers. However, we do guarantee that we are conscious of our
responsibilities and that we work systematically to improve conditions and processes in
cooperation with our suppliers.



About us

Our purpose is to be at the forefront of industrial innovation and deploy our know-how to accelerate the green energy transition and improve other industries that benefit society.

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