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Eltronic Group Realizes Tech Potential for a Better Tomorrow

We’ve gone from modest start-up to global competitor. And we want to support our partner companies on that same journey, with services that help them focus on what they do best.

About us

Realizing business potential for sustainable impact

Through supporting innovative engineering companies, we help address the global issues of efficient production, clean energy and reduced maritime emissions. These are just a few of the areas that our partner companies deliver solutions for every day. Our unique platform of services transforms and scales companies to realize their global potential and ensures the impact of their technological solutions.

We partner with founding entrepreneurs and owners to support their development and ambitions for growth. The Eltronic Business Platform ensures profitable and transparent operations, enabling the entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best – creating innovative engineering solutions for their customers.

Eltronic Group is founded on entrepreneurship. Building from the ground up, believing in good ideas and supporting them from direct experiences.

Our story

We unlock the global potential of innovative technology

Eltronic started in the year 2000 as an engineering and service company focused on the automation and digitalization of manufacturing industries – primarily with customers within the Life Sciences and Food & Beverage sectors. As our company grew and the ability to solve complex challenges for customers strengthened, we added several new Danish industrial giants to our customer base – effectively entering new industries such as wind energy and maritime.

As these partnerships grew and our activities with them increased, new ‘Strategic Business Units’ (SBUs) were formed. Our ambition with these units was to focus and strengthen know-how for specific customers within certain markets and industry segments. Today, these SBUs have been developed into independent companies to further strengthen their expertise and sharpen their focus on the customers and technology within their particular industries.

As the industries in which our companies are positioned in mature, so does the demand for new competencies, products, services and solutions. As such our companies have faced rapid growth while constantly adapting their offering to match the demand and expectations of customers. By consolidating the accumulated experience across our industries, we have created best practices within operations to support transformation and scaling of activities of the companies we work with.

Upon entering new partnerships with industrial SMEs, Eltronic Group can apply these best practices, now known as the Eltronic Business Platform, to enable the company transformation and scaling necessary to realize potential. We take others on the same journey we have been on ourselves.

From Start-up to Global Competitor


Company founded

With extensive experience wihtin automation and digitalization, Lars Jensen started Eltronic A/S in 2000 with the objective of increasing customers' competitveness through automation and digitalization of their manufacturing processes



Strategic Business Units (SBUs)

Eltronic re-organizes into 4 SBUs to focus activities and strenghten know-how and customer solutions within specific industries: Eltronic Production Systems (Manufacturing), Eltronic Data Intelligence (Embedded HW+SW), Eltronic Wind Solutions (Wind industry), Eltronic Fueltech (Maritime fuel-systems)



Eltronic establishes Robotcenter Danmark A/S

Company is founded as an exclusive system integrator of Yascawa 'Motoman' robots



Eltronic Group acquires TS Tech A/S

Eltronic expands its activities within the wind industry. TS Tech A/S activities include electrical infrastructure for offshore wind market focused on harbor operations and component maintenance



Eltronic Group acquires HE Marine

Eltronic expands its activites wihtin maritime industry. HE Marine's activities include electrical- and communications installations and service of maritime vessels



Eltronic Fueltech A/S becomes independent company

Eltronic Group seperates the business unit Eltronic Fueltech into an independent company - Eltronic Fueltech A/S.



Eltronic Group acquires SONNE A/S

Eltronic expands its activitites within the wind industry. SONNE A/S activities include engineering of innovative equipment for production, transport, installation, and service of WTGs



Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S becomes independent company

Eltronic Group seperates the business unit Eltronic Wind Solutions into an independent company - Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S.



Eltronic Group acquires Dynatest A/S

Eltronic Group expands activities within infrastructure by acquiring Dynatest - a market leader within Pavement Management



Eltronic Group acquires BIIR A/S

Eltronic Group expands activities within the wind industry. BIIR A/S activities include engineering of innovative WTG new product developments - both mechanical and electrical



Eltronic Group acquires Blaaholm A/S

Eltronic expands activities within the wind industry. Blaaholm A/S develops turnkey production equipment for automated WTG tower production



Eltronic A/S becomes independent company

Eltronic Group separates the business unit Eltronic Production Systems into an independent company - Eltronic A/S.



Data Intelligence becomes independent company

Eltronic Group separates the business unit Data Intelligence into an independent company - Data Intelligence A/S



Eltronic Group divests Robotcenter Danmark A/S to Yaskawa

Robotcenter Danmark A/S is divested and the rights to the Motoman robots is back in the hands of Yaskawa. Eltronic A/S continues as a system integrator of the robots.



Enabl is born

The four companies Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S, BIIR A/S, SONNE A/S, and Blaaholm A/S merge under the name Enabl to become a stronger supplier and one-stop-shop for the wind industry.



Eltronic acquires Epcido A/S

Eltronic expands its global activities within the field of automation with the acquisition of Epcido A/S. The Group now has more than 900 employees in total.


Our investment strategy

We invest in and scale industrial SMEs with the proven technology to deliver a more sustainable future. By providing a robust operational foundation, we enable tech innovators to do what they do best.

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