Eltronic Group acquires the MedTech company MME Nordic

Eltronic Group acquires 70 percent of MME Nordic. The new partnership will ensure a stronger position in the global market within automation and digitization solutions for the medico industry.

As of 31 May 2022, the technology group Eltronic Group A/S has acquired 70 percent of the shares in MME Nordic A/S. The company, which is based in Thisted, Denmark, has more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automated production lines and machines for the medico industry in Denmark and abroad.

More opportunities with greater powers

The demand for automatic production facilities in the medico industry is increasing. This means that MME Nordic has excellent potential to grow. Together with Eltronic Group, MME Nordic wants to scale the business and expand the activities to meet the market’s and the customers’ needs. Eltronic Group will be supporting MME Nordic with capital, global presence, knowledge, and by strengthening the business platform.

According to the CEO of Eltronic Group, Lars Jensen, the partnership makes good sense for both companies.

“MME Nordic is a strong and healthy company that specializes in a unique technical area. They have skilled employees, good customer relations, and both their business and their DNA complement our companies. With MME Nordic on board, we can expand within automation and digitization in the medico industry, where we are already present with the company Eltronic A/S, i.a. in Ballerup. We can draw on each other’s know-how and competencies, and as a group, we can contribute with our knowledge and business platforms to realize MME Nordic’s great potential globally,” he explains.

Mogens Guldberg Røn, CEO and partner of MME Nordic, is also pleased with the partnership with Eltronic Group.

“We get a financially strong partner with the right competencies, which means that we can fully utilize our international growth potential. MME Nordic has been on a fantastic growth journey in recent years. We have just presented our 2021 accounts, which are the strongest we have achieved to date. We are looking into a future with major projects for our international MedTech customers. With Eltronic Group supporting us, our clear ambition is to accelerate our growth even more,” he says.

MME Nordic will continue as an independent company. Likewise, the current management team will continue to be in charge of running the company in the future. Eltronic Group takes over the majority of the shares in the company, which Poul Henrik Larsen and Leif Amby, who are also co-founders of MME Nordic, have owned until now. They will step out of the ownership, but they will continue to be associated with the company and contribute to MME Nordic’s further development. The other shareholders and employees will continue unchanged in their roles.

The local heritage and presence are important

Both Lars Jensen and Mogens Guldberg Røn agree that the local heritage and presence are key elements in MME Nordic. It is important to keep it that way.

“The medico industry is of great importance to Thisted and the area. MME Nordic is a locally based company – and it must continue to be so. We hope that we can help create more jobs in the future,” says Lars Jensen.

MME Nordic will be part of Eltronic Group in line with the other seven subsidiaries that the group owns.


Mogens Guldberg Røn, CEO, MME Nordic


Lars Jensen, CEO, Eltronic Group A/S



About MME Nordic

MME Nordic is a Danish company headquartered in Thisted. The company employs 35 people and has 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automated production lines and machines for the medico industry in Denmark and abroad. The company was founded by a broad circle of owners in 2016, as a reaction to the closure of Coloplast’s mechanical engineering department in Thisted.



About Eltronic Group

Eltronic Group A/S owns and invests in companies to help scale their business both nationally and globally. Eltronic Group’s companies focus on industrial production, green energy, infrastructure, and distribution to strengthen the customers’ competitiveness.

More than 1000 employees are employed in Eltronic Group and its eight operating companies: Eltronic A/S, Enabl A/S, Eltronic FuelTech A/S, Data Intelligence A/S, HE Marine A/S, Dynatest A/S, Epcido A/S, and MME Nordic A/S.

The group is headquartered in Hedensted and has several locations in Denmark. The group also has locations in the USA, Great Britain, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, Taiwan, Korea, and China.



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MME Nordic

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