Eltronic Group founds new power-to-x company

With the new subsidiary – Eltronic PtX – the technology company Eltronic Group will take part in scaling and making the production of green fuels more efficient.

There is no doubt that green fuels are a necessity when it comes to reducing the global CO2 emission. The demand for underlying power-to-x technologies, such as electrolysis, is therefore subject to significant growth, and several global players are entering the market. Improvements to the efficiency of the technologies and expansion of production capacity are considered key parameters for obtaining a significant global market position.

Modularization and industrialization of Danish power-to-x technologies

Eltronic PtX A/S will contribute to fostering a Danish leading position within power-to-x technologies and ensuring the creation of an even greater production capacity in Denmark. The company will, among other things, develop and deliver modular processing plants, also known as ‘balance of stack’, in collaboration with producers of electrolysis.

“Our modularization and industrialization of the processes surrounding, for instance, the electrolysis process must form the basis for Denmark’s ability to become a power-to-x pioneer country that develops efficient solutions and inspires other countries to join the journey,” Lars Jensen, CEO of Eltronic Group says.

Experience and knowledge are binding

Eltronic Group is primarily concerned with digitalization and automation of processes that contribute to the green transition within the wind industry, x-to-power, and industrial manufacturing. According to Lars Jensen, expanding the portfolio with a company dedicated exclusively to power-to-x is the natural next step.

Eltronic Group has more than 20 years of experience in establishing strong partnerships with large, Danish industrial technology suppliers. Eltronic PtX will focus on power-to-x technologies and contribute to developing and delivering efficient modular solutions with its customers.

“In the group, we have more than 10 years of experience in developing and delivering custom-built process systems. This has allowed us to systematically demonstrate that we know how to industrialize and split up significant costs over time. Furthermore, we have continuously managed to keep up with our customers’ pipelines for development of new products. Accordingly, we have obtained large and significant know-how, which means that we are able to contribute to improving our customers’ competitiveness, Lars Jensen explains.

Eltronic PtX is founded based on great technical experience within different types of gasses and media in process systems as well as underlying engineering disciplines, such as automation, process, mechanical engineering, electricity, and software.

Known Eltronic profile steps in as CEO of Eltronic PtX

Eltronic Group has brought a known profile back to the group, and he will be responsible for leading the new company. In August 2022, Ryan Nielsen stepped into the position as Director of Power-to-X in Eltronic Group. Now, he is replacing this position with the position as CEO of Eltronic PtX.

Ryan Nielsen has great experience in building high-technology companies which create custom-built process systems. In 2014, he took part in establishing Eltronic Fueltech, which was initially a department in Eltronic. Today, Eltronic Fueltech is an independent company which has a turnover of roughly one quarter of a billion DKK. The company develops x-to-power technologies which are intended to power the green shipping of the future. In Eltronic Fueltech, Ryan Nielsen was Vice President up until 2018. From 2018 and until his return to Eltronic Group last year, he has, among other things, been responsible for developing profound production plants for the production of hydrogen in a large, international company.

“We are already working hard and have accepted the first orders for integrated process systems. Now, we are looking forward to really get on with the work to develop and industrialize power-to-x technologies in Denmark,” Ryan Nielsen says.

About Eltronic PtX

Eltronic PtX designs, standardizes, produces, installs, and services integrated process systems for power-to-x solutions. The company originates from Eltronic Group, which has been part of the automation and process industry for more than 20 years. With experience, know-how, and technology, Eltronic PtX aims to scale and make power-to-x plants more efficient.