Eltronic Group president speaks at post-COVID-19 crisis recovery conference

Thursday, June 24 2021, Eltronic Group President Lars Jensen spoke at a conference organized by Tænketanken EUROPA – a Danish think tank that strives to ensure European affairs with a Danish perspective become more visible.

The theme of the conference, hosted by Lykke Friis, was the EU’s post-COVID-19 crisis recovery and how to get the European economy back on track. Among the participants was the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofoed, and a number of business executives.

At Eltronic Group, we are proud to be represented at this conference. Lars Jensen introduced four fields of actions that he believes that the EU needs to address to help European companies stay ahead of the game in the global competition (time 1:15 – 1:27).

To learn more about the thoughts on how to approach the post-crisis recovery watch the conference here.