Eltronic Group releases ESG report: This is how the company plans to achieve its sustainability goals

The technology and production group Eltronic Group is ready with its first ESG report. In the coming years, the company will measure and document its own impacts when it comes to both climate and social aspects. This will be the basis for more focused efforts and making a difference.

Eltronic Group’s first ESG report (environmental, social, and governance) for the financial year 2020/2021 includes all companies owned by Eltronic Group and highlights the group’s efforts to ensure sustainable development. The main message of the report is to be found in Eltronic Group’s approach to the work that is to gain momentum over the next few years.

– Today, we focus on three core areas in our business: automation and digitalizing, x-to-power, and power-to-x. These technologies hold great potential to solve the world’s climate problems. This is not enough though. We also need to look inward and set out more initiatives to document and reduce our own footprint, says Eltronic Group founder and CEO Lars Jensen.

Therefore, the group will work proactively with the GHG Protocol, which is an international standard for calculating companies’ CO2 emissions. The emissions are divided into three areas or “scopes” to illustrate from where they originate in the company’s value chain.

The report for 2020/2021 includes the basic data for scope 1 and 2, while the company plans to collect data within scope 3 in 2022.

– In 2021, we have taken the first steps and anchored sustainability in the group. In 2022, we will improve our framework and data collection, explains Lars Jensen.

Read the entire ESG report from Eltronic Group here.