Eltronic A/S

About Eltronic A/S

Eltronic A/S is an ambitious engineering company with more than 20 years of experience developing production systems and automation. The company’s goal is to be the customers’ preferred partner and to increase their global competitiveness and sustainability.

Eltronic A/S develops automation and production solutions for customers in the industries of food and beverage, life science and manufacturing. Eltronic A/S works with the complete value chain and can access projects in the early consulting and concept phase as well as cover the production, installation, test, and service.

Eltronic A/S employs more than 110 engineers and technicians covering both specialist and broad industry knowledge.

Learn more: https://eltronic.dk/

Eltronic A/S is an organic developed business unit from Eltronic and has been an independent company within Eltronic Group since 2020.