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About Data Intelligence A/S

The DIAP Manifest

To make a difference. What a great feeling that is, being able to help a manufacturing company getting to the next level. The wheels are spinning faster. The gears are working harder. And the assembly line is running smoother than ever before.

DIAP is much more than bits and bytes and circuits, zeros and ones – the heart of our product is the attitude, the will to change status quo, redefining the rules and pushing the manufacturing industry forward, one company at a time. Or to be more precise: It is the companies which make the changes, but we enable them to do so by revealing their hidden potential through collecting, analysing and visualizing valuable production data.


About Data Intelligence A/S

Our dedicated team of software and hardware specialists have many years of experience developing embedded software and hardware solutions for industrial use.

Within the fast-changing field of software and electronics it is no longer enough to be able to put components together and program a piece of software. When we develop a product or solution, we therefore focus on seeing the entire perspective by combining our technical competencies with our experience within electronics manufacturing, standards and regulations and user experience. In that way, we ensure that our products are complete and future-proof.

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Data Intelligence A/S is organic developed business unit from Eltronic and has been an independent company within Eltronic Group since 2020.